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In a live demonstration, we explain the concept behind Kinesthetic Awareness Training and show how the sensors and app work, in real time from our lab in Evergreen, CO.  During the interactive demo, you can ask questions and learn how the KAT system can help teach and improve specific bio-mechanical  movements, such as eliminating excess motion in racquet or club  preparation, and controlling valgus collapse and more.

*You will not need any software, you will just click on a link from your computer or mobile device. A team room or conference room with a screen is best for larger groups of athletes, coaches and trainers.
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Dr. Jo Shattuck
(303) 949 7785
Dino Ianni
(303) 995- 1674

Sarah Warhaftig
Director Experts and Ambassadors Program


Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Towards Human ExpeRtise