How big are the KAT devices?
The KAT system has a suite of  different sensors. They are compact and can easily be attached to the wearer’s body, clothing or sport equipment.

What is Kinesthetic Awareness?
Awareness of the body position and movement in space and time (The Where and When of the body.)

Can the KAT be used without a coach or instructor?
Yes, a coach or instructor must first set the device to capture the desired motion or position for the athlete to practice on their own. The KAT acts as virtual coach offering instructive feedback in real-time while athletes practice. 
What is Kinesthetic Awareness Training? 
A method of training in which the brain improves the interpretation of sensory inputs from the body and environment to more accurately measure and control the body position and movement in space and time.

The body's sensory-motor system consists of a network of pathways that send information from the body (via mechanoreceptors) and the environment (via visual receptors) to the brain.

The brain interprets and prioritizes those signals to create a 'model' of where the body is in space and time.  During movement, the brain commands the muscles to move in a certain way based on this 'model'. When the brain’s model is flawed the movement becomes flawed.

The KAT System helps correct the model.

*The picture on the right shows valgus collapse during landing. Green lines show safe and efficient angles, red lines show potentially unsafe angles.

How does the KAT know when the athlete’s movement or position is correct?

Actually, the KAT doesn’t know. It is a tool for coaches and instructors to use while teaching their athletes.  The coach or instructor still determines the appropriate positions and/or movements for each skill - they 'capture' the target parameters for the specific skill into the KAT’s memory with the Capture button. When the athlete practices on his own, the KAT provides immediate audible and/or vibratory feedback based on the target parameters to let the athlete FEEL the corrections during practice.

How long does 'it' take?
The 'it" - motor learning improvement-  has many influencing factors (physical, emotional and psycho-social, etc... Our job as coaches and athletes, is to manage the factors we can control.  Creating new neural pathways (forming motor memory)  can occur in minutes or months. 

Are there any similar products currently on the market?
Currently, the KAT is the only wearable technology device that provides corrective vibratory feedback in real-time for all types of movement training.

This brilliantly simple system allows users to perfect their technique in virtually any sport or physical activity.

It’s an exciting advance for the sports & fitness industry with considerable potential for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Does the KAT collect kinematic data (motion capture) data? 
Yes, the KAT can record tri-axial data for improvement tracking, and data can be sent via email or stored on the cloud from the mobile app.

Does PANTHERTEC have a patent on the technology?
Yes, Our first patent was issued in February 2021.  Multiple other patent applications have been filed as well.


Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Towards Human ExpeRtise