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The simple explanation is that the KAT offers "wearable real-time movement correction determined by the expert."  Not a 'magic algorithm' that attempts to teach everyone the same way.

It is a tool for movement educators to use in multiple sports and rehabilitation to instruct movement patterns.

PantherTec is developing multiple sensors for future products that  offer real time instruction based on real time data - something that no one else is doing.

The appetite for data
pertaining to movement in skill acquisition, injury prevention and rehabilitation is growing... and rightly so. Faster, cheaper technology makes BIG data more accessible than ever before.

But .. the data is collected to drive coaching and training decisions, correct?

AND the decision - the action item (correction)  still needs to be communicated from the coach to the athlete, and have the athlete practice it correctly.

The KAT and future PantherTec products will do just  that - in real time.

KAT in Rehabilitation - Presentation


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  • First and only wearable system for movement training 
  •  Offers customizable real-time corrective feedback during practice 
  • Teaches proprioception and speeds up muscle memory
  • Reduces injury and enhances performance
  • Adaptable for all kinds of movement, including rehabilitation
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Panthertec owns 100% of the intellectual property used to develop the revolutionary patented KAT system. The KAT is not another motion capture data collection system. It is a solution that will revolutionize the way movement is taught and athletes learn.

Coaches and physical therapists no longer have to monitor every repetition. Athletes do not have to stop practice to LOOK at a video.It will truly be a game-changer for the coaches and athletes to perfect their form, reduce  injury, and ultimately improve  their performance.


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