Data is not the beginning of change. Replication is.

Data is important to understand the movement,  it can be added to experience, wisdom  and science, and turned into Insight.

This Insight may drive an action or decision - if and/or how to change a motor pattern.

Either way, the coach still needs to communicate that action or decision to the athlete. The athlete still needs to understand  execute, and more importantly, to Replicate the new pattern.

Replication is the beginning of change.

There are many training systems  that are used to understand sport movement, so it can be learned more efficiently . Many systems  use Video or Motion Capture  of an athletes’ performance for later review or further analysis, AFTER the movement has Already happened.

Seeing a Mistake Afterwards is not the same as Feeling a Correction, in Real Time.
The KAT system is unique in that it Captures the Desired Motion, and then helps the wearer Correct the Motion, with instructive vibrations FELT through the sensors DURING the movement.