“Our athletes are able to feel the adjustments.  ...[we just] scratched the surface of how we think we can use the KAT device.    .. within one session [they are] able to feel that angle, and then repeat that angle”

-Tyler Shepple - Former MLB Pitcher, Owner Cannon Arm Training, Denver CO

“I have yet to see any device that rivals what the KAT has been able to do.... a huge Game Changer"

- Justin Wick – Throwing technician at Cannon Arm Training, Denver CO
Rubinoff pic
“Am I better than I was yesterday? To progress is to be self aware. The KAT system allows the athlete to have greater awareness of their body in time and space giving them the capacity to learn from their practicing environment.  The KAT system provides the best teaching and learning environment possible for balance coordination connection in skill development each and every day. It teaches the athlete to ask a better question and provides the feedback to the athlete with an answer they can feel and learn from,  to transfer that trust and [to] self-believe.”

-Martin Rubinoff
Martin’s Field of Dreams, Baseball Softball Skill Acquisition Instructor



Coach jw
After a KAT CoachAnywhere Beta test:

"WOW! And I never capitalize letters because I taught English for 29 years! But WOW! [The KAT] by Panthertec will change coaching and athletic performance dramatically.

I just finished a two hour practice with Erika Manilla, USA Doubles Champion and USA team member and Dr. Jo Shattuck, the inventor of The KAT System.

This [KAT]  gave Erika immediate feedback of body control and positioning. She could not stop raving about this new invention. She is not alone in that assessment! This coach could not believe the efficiency of feedback and training for Erika. I cannot wait to apply this to all of my athletes!

Thanks Dr. Jo Shattuck for working with us. Thanks Justin Wick, from Cannon Arm Training baseball coaching, for helping us out today.  I knew [it] worked for baseball and basketball and now I know it is a home run for racquetball as well!!"

- Jim Winterton
Professional Racquetball Coach

*Coach Winterton has been recognized the greatest coach in racquetball history. He coaches all levels, and multiple professional players including  World's #1  IRT Champion Kane Waselenchuk, and Women's former Champion, Rhonda Rajsich


Erika Manilla shares her experience with the KAT for the first time, while being coached by Jim Winterton.

 After a KAT training session: “There’s just things that I’ve never focused on in the court, it’s the millimeters,  and the inch of a difference.  Coach is always telling me….’keep your chest up or arch your lower back’  and I think I do it and I come back and he’s [says]  …’you still didn’t do it’, and [I say]  ‘yeah I  did’. And then I have to go back to video…and [he says] ‘See… told ya  you didn’t do it.’ I didn’t realize how much I leaned forward”

- Erika Manilla, ManillaAthletics.com, Multiple Time Junior World Champion. Current US Team Member, Professional Player



330px vemić 2009 us open 01
“I have been successfully using the KAT device with my students.  As one of my mentors, Gebhard Gritsch, said: ‘Know-how and technology are the key requirements to success in our sophisticated world. This also applies to Sport and High Performance Tennis. You can see balance as a prerequisite for any successful stroke execution. Balance gives you the harmony, the stability, the support for muscle synergy, exactly the way you want it.’ KAT is the ultimate tech tool helping you achieve and maintain that ideal position, optimizing and maximizing your energy and movement! Thank you, KAT. “

-Dusan Vemic, Coach of Serbian OLYMPIC tennis team
Former coach of Novak Djokovic, Mike & Bob Bryan and many other world class tennis players. 


Run hruska

“The potential for the application of this system is quite honestly, so broad.
Its future application in both the clinical and home setting is also so unlimited.” 

-Ron Hruska, Director of the Postural Restoration Institute
Headquarters in Lincoln, NE
Clinics Worldwide

Dean jesse chp

“This device holds great potential for improving future clinical interventions…The relative simplicity of this device increases the likelihood of implementation for busy physical therapists, an important consideration for new clinical technology.”

- Jessie Dean, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina