Features Coming Soon:

***The information on this page illustrates the coming features of KAT system. You can can see the current KAT system in use on the Videos page.

The KAT system consists of multiple types of sensors and a mobile app. There are several prototype sensors with varying function in existence now. Some are currently being used in sports training; some are used in the PANTHERTEC lab - where the Live Training sessions are filmed (see the Videos page ) and others will be used in a clinical research trial for physical therapy. The current mobile app (shown in the videos) is for product research and development purposes only. The videos below illustrate the proposed functionality of the KAT system. 

The KAT Solution

The body's sensory-motor system consists of a network of pathways that send information from the body (via mechano-receptors) and the environment (via visual receptors) to the brain.

The brain interprets and prioritizes those signals to create a 'model' of where the body is in space and time.  During movement, the brain commands the muscles to move in a certain way based on this 'model'.   When the brain’s model is flawed the movement becomes flawed. The KAT helps correct the brain's model in real time.


This video describes a feature that revolutionizes tele-coaching and tele-physical therapy, (See the Investors page for current research). The COACH ANYWHERE feature allows an athlete to receive movement correction from the coach  in REAL-TIME anywhere with internet connection.

More about the KAT Sensors

This video describes the sensors in the KAT Suite, how they work together with the app,  and various options for using multiple sensors simultaneously,  stand-alone sensors and more.

More about the KAT TECHNIQUE APP

This video describes the features and functions of the proposed mobile app - KAT Technique, and the options to capture a target, customize the dose, type and timing of feedback and practice,  to adjust the margins of error,  and other settings to customize individual training.


The KAT system includes a suite of WEAR ANYWHERE sensors that can be easily attached to an athlete’s body, clothing or sport equipment. A coach or instructor determines the desired position or movement that the athlete needs to replicate. It could be a golf stroke, a tennis serve, a yoga position, etc.

Using the system’s app, the coach or instructor programs the KAT to remember the position or movement. When the wearer replicates the desired movement in practice, the device provides instant audible and/or vibratory feedback.

Panthertec’s KAT system is the only wearable technology device that allows coaches to provide customized real time corrective feedback to  athletes. The system is so precise, it can be programmed to detect minute differences in kinematics, which can often mean the difference between ordinary and exceptional.


Until now, sport skills training relied on an athlete’s ability to interpret an instructor’s words and recreate the desired motion or position based on that interpretation.

The KAT directly communicates the coach’s intent to the athlete without words or explanations. It acts as a virtual coach, providing athletes with the opportunity to practice on their own with confidence.

The KAT actively engages muscle memory, reduces the chance of injury, and ultimately improves performance.


Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Towards Human ExpeRtise