Kinesthetic Awareness Training  System (KAT)
The first patented wearable, athletic training technology of its kind
motion capture AND correction.
The only system that offers real-time instructive vibrations

 Completely customizable instruction
set by the coach will change the way movement is taught.

PANTHERTEC is a human performance enhancement company combining neuroscientific principles with motion capture,  sensory feedback and wearable sensors.

The KAT System

Biomechanics are crucial for all athletes. Traditional coaching methods use words, demonstrations, and even video or motion capture, to show athletes their mistakes and how to correct them. But hearing words and seeing video are poor substitutes for feeling the sensation of movement that we want our athlete to experience and replicate. The KAT is a motion capture AND correction tool.

The KAT's patented technology delivers instructive vibrations through the sensors, IN REAL TIME, to correct virtually any sport or movement, to accelerate motor memory, prevent injury and speed up return-to-play.

The KAT systems turns practice of Trial, Error and Hope into Trial, Error,  Awareness and Correction.

Dr. Jo Shattuck explains the origins of the KAT

Dr. Shattuck explains the origins of the KAT system. The KAT was designed to turn Trial, Error and 'Hoping' into Trial, Error, Awareness and Accurate Correction, speeding muscle memory and improving kinesthetic awareness, with corrective vibratory feedback in real- time DURING practice.

Real-time corrective vibratory feedback...


 PANTHERTEC combines the Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Toward Human ExpeRtise  and wearable TEChnology  designed to accelerate motor memory, prevent injury and speed up return-to-play... so you can  train smarter, stay healthy, and perform better.

Turns "Trial, Error & Hope" into "Trial, Error  & Correction", speeds muscle memory and improves kinesthetic awareness, with real- time corrective vibratory feedback - DURING practice.

Kinesthetic Awareness Training -  An Overview
The KAT System featured on Rob Gray's Perception and Action Podcast
Welcome to the PANTHERTEC website.  We are a female-founded, female-led company driven by PANTHER - the Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Toward Human ExpeRtise.  We are excited to demonstrate how the  motion capture and correction system will change the pedagogy of motor skill acquisition. See live training  from our lab in Evergreen, CO on the Videos page.  Information on how to purchase a KAT System will be posted on this site, or join our email list to be notified directly. As always, feel free contact us with any  comments or questions.

-Jo Shattuck MA Sports Science, PhD Psychology - Neuroscience and Behavior


Principles of Athletics and Neuroscience Towards Human ExpeRtise